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Pure Leather Jacket is the name of satisfaction, which is guaranteed with all of our best services provided under the supervision of talented fashion designers. The use of this website ensures your personal shopping-related goals, making sure that our products and services are designed for your convenience. All of the concerned standards and provisions are hereafter referred to PureLeatherJacket. We have written our terms and conditions to keep hold of your effective acceptance by ensuring fruitful bonds between our customers and us. Under these policies, we tend to provide authentic and pure leather jacket and coats that comply with the stated terms and conditions. In addition, Pure Leather Jacket is a registered online shopping store where all of our products and services are assessed and monitored to assure its quality in the online market. We thrive to receive customer appreciation and attention; therefore, we have stocked the products to fulfill our customer’s requirements. PureLeatherJacket is authorized to change and modify the following terms and conditions at any time to make you updated and satisfied with our services.

Age Restriction

To use this website, make sure you are 18 and above. The use of this site requires parental limitations and their control to avoid their children from undergoing activities that come under the site usage by children laws.

Personal Information

Pure Leather Jacket comprises of few services where your personal information will be required. We tend to make a secure shopping experience for you; therefore, your personal information is kept safe in our database. The customer is only required to send us its name, contact and, transaction details to proceed with the order confirmation. Pure Leather Jacket has integrated security protocols to make sure no illegal party may access the personal information of our customers.

Payment Services

All the jackets sold at Pure Leather Jacket can be purchased against the credit cards and/or PayPal account. We provide convenience to the customers by accepting MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Money Order, Western Union, and wire transfer as well

Shipping Services

PureLeatherJacket offer fast shipping service through our efficient shipping service provider who is capable to process your order in no time. We tend to provide you reliable services that would ship you the leather jacket at the doorstep without facing any trouble. The shipping charges may vary from region to region while we don’t charge any extra charges for shipping.

Delivery Services

While you place an order on our website, we make sure its availability in the stock in order to process the order as soon as possible. Our customers are requested to clear their dues so that our fashion stylists would tailor your leather jacket in the prescribed time. PureLeatherJacket facilitates your order through our indigenous delivery service, which efficiently delivers your order in 22 to 25 business days at minimum. However, the custom-made orders will take more time to deliver.


The prices of our leather jackets are based on the lavish yet fine material, efforts of our talented stylists, stitching, and shipping. All of our services are made to make you look fashionable in every event where you carry our leather jacket on the best outfits of the evening.

Return and Exchange

With our return and exchange policy, the customer would be able to get to know how easy is our process while our team is expertly managing everything in one-line to make you satisfied by letting go your shopping worries. Our customers are required to perform a complete inspection of the leather jacket before requesting us to return and/or exchange. All the defected orders must send back to us within the 30 days of receiving the parcel.